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Green Leaf Supplements is your leading CBD supplements retailer across Northern Ireland, and U.K. Mainland. In association with Hemp Company Ireland, we are proud to offer you the most extensive range of the finest CBD Oils, products and supplements available.

Our retail outlet is located in Newtownards, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, just a short drive from the capital city, Belfast.

We are pleased to offer both retail and wholesale purchasing options, allowing you to shop with us both in-store and online.

Cognitive faculties, brain, logic, thoughts, intellect, beliefs, conscious, judgement, reasoning, attitudes, will, choices, decisions, emotions, self-talk, response, critical thinking, memory
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Physical composition, skin, bones, nervous system, fat, organs, muscles, blood, braqin, bacteria, neurons, endocrine glands, average 75 trillion cells, immune
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Intuition, inspiration, consciousness, one-ness, soul purpose, microcosm, love, connectedness, inner knowing, psychic senses, past-lives, inspiring, non-logical consciousness, authentic self
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Starting your own business is one of the most exciting choices anyone can make. However, there are always downsides and risks, causing confusion and doubt.

This is where we come in. We already have firmly established contacts within the industry, including relationships with suppliers, web-developers etc.

Our supplier network allows you to offer the most extensive range of products within the industry, and our web-developers will help you get your E-commerce website up and running quickly.

This allows you to pick and choose the products you wish to sell and the freedom to name your business whatever your heart desires. We then offer a full support package to help you with the daily tasks of running your own successful business.

All you have to do is find a premises, and

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“Great product range with excellent knowledge of the industry“ Hayley Rae Hopkins Facebook  
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mind and body
Products for the mind and body
“It’s becoming more apparent that cbd products are good for the body” Mandy Ward Facebook Review
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interested in running your own business
The CBD Store NI
“I always wanted to start my own business. Phill at Green Leaf Supplements helped me beyond belief, offering regular support
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