Cognitive faculties, brain, logic, thoughts, intellect, beliefs, conscious, judgement, reasoning, attitudes, will, choices, decisions, emotions, self-talk, response, critical thinking, memory linear time, emotions, protection, planning


Physical composition, skin, bones, nervous system, fat, organs, muscles, blood, braqin, bacteria, neurons, endocrine glands, average 75 trillion cells, immune system


Intuition, inspiration, consciousness, one-ness, soul purpose, microcosm, love, connectedness, inner knowing, psychic senses, past-lives, inspiring, non-logical consciousness, authentic self

The CBD Store NI

“I always wanted to start my own business. Phill at Green Leaf Supplements helped me beyond belief, offering regular support when required, always making himself available to take my calls and answer any queries I have, guiding me through the entire process from the beginning. 7 months later, and I have a very loyal set of…

Help for Sophia’s seizures

Breaking News Sophia has become the first person in northern Ireland to have a possession license so we can now legally administer and have it in our own home. Our little lady has paved the way for so many others through the expert panel, and with the department of health NI as we done the…