Kuza CBD Chocolate


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Volume50 grams (50mg CBD), 80 Grams (200mg CBD)

Available in 3 different flavours and 2 different strengths:

CinnamOrange: An intense dark chocolate from the costal desert of Peru yields flavours of raspberry, lime and sweet pecan in an exhilarating balance as rare as the white cacao from which it hails. When combined with the delicate addition of cinnamon and orange, the complex and delicate spice and sweetness against the dark chocolate combine for an unforgettable treat, and the perfect way to relax.

Himalayan Salt: This delicious Madagascan milk chocolate combines rich and sweet cocoa with unmistakable fresh notes of citrus, fruit and vanilla quite unlike any chocolate you’re likely to find anywhere else. Temper this with just the right amount of Himalayan salt and you have an intoxicating range of palettes coming together for a soothing and indulgent bar.

Indian Chilli: The slightly lighter of the two dark chocolates uses as its source beautiful Bolivian dark chocolate with a complex balance of notes including perfumed honey, sweet apricot and subtle, blossomy jasmine. Contrasting with these delicate floral and sweet notes is the subtle warmth of Indian chilli, leading to a heavenly taste sensation.




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Kuza Flavour

CinnamOrange, Himalayan Salt, Indian Chilli

Kuza Size & Strength

50 grams (50mg CBD), 80 grams (200mg CBD)


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