Step by Step Guide – Affiliates

  1. Click on the Affiliates Link. This will take you our Terms u0026amp; Conditions. Please ensure you read it thoroughly before joining our Affiliate scheme.

2. Hover over the Affiliates link and the drop-down menu will appear. Please click on Register

3. Complete your details into the boxes

4. Please tick the box to confirm you have read and that you agree to our Terms u0026amp; Conditions

5. You will receive an email from us titled “WordPress Affilication Affiliate for”. This email provides you with your log-in details and password. IF the email doesn’t arrive, please check your spam folder.

6. Once registered, you can log-in by hovering over the Affiliates link, the dropdown menu appears, then click on Affiliate Login

7. Enter your log-in details provided in the previous email

8. Once you have logged in, hover over the affiliates link, and click on Store Affiliates

9. This will take you to our Affiliate Centre, where you can track your earnings, obtain your affiliate link etc.

10. Click on Affiliate Links

11. This is your Unique Affiliate code. Please copy and paste it into your social media pages, or into your website. Your web developer can help with this. Your unique affiliate link assigns your 25% commission to your account from anyone clicking on your link and making a purchase.

You can then go into the Affiliate Centre in Step 9 and track your earnings any time you wish.