Synergy of Nature

Synergy of Nature

Synergy Extracts® , is a family run business founded by a couple with immense belief and trust in the healing powers of mother nature. The company was set up with the aim to offer the UK a trustworthy place to buy legal, high quality, cost effective and 100% natural CBD oil infused food supplements, aromatherapy essential oils and many other treasured and super healthy natural botanicals.

Synergy of Nature CBD Crystals


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Synergy of Nature


A legal E.U hemp strain,CO2 Extracted, refined & infused with the required terpene profile to give an enhanced and more flavourful vaping/dabbing experience.

Terpenes are a natural and legal way to enhance the benefit’s of legal cannabinoid supplementation.

One of the highest quality CBD extracts on the market today. Terpene infused 99% CBD crystal, CO2 Extracted, highly refined & purified, then infused with the terpene profile. Super tasty CBD dab additive, natural and potent. Full spectrum.

These products are flavoured with naturally occurring terpenes. These are not artificial flavourings like in e-liquids. Terpene’s directly contribute to CBD’s bioavailability.

Weight100 g
Volume250g, 500g, 1000g
Terpene ProfileApple Jack, Grape Stomper, Double Tangie Banana, Golden Lemons, Sour Diesel


Synergy of Nature

Synergy of Nature

Additional information

Synergy Crystals Size

1000g, 250g, 500g

Synergy Terpene Profile

Apple Jack, Double Tangie Banana, Golden Lemons, Grape Stomper, Sour Diesel


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